Friday, December 2, 2011

Jack Frost went ahead & nipped at my nose.

What a delightful 2nd of December.
The only thing that would have made it better would have been meeting someone named Parson Brown.
WHAT? Why did I say that.
Moving right along....
As part of working at Deseret Book, I was asked to go to UVU & "work" @Forgotten Carols last night.
Selling merchandise.
You know, the expensive things.
Camille (featured in photo collage) & I couldn't get enough of the whole thing.
From posing with the product, people watching & Dippin Dots it was a feast for the physical mortals we are.
 This early (FREEZING) morn brought with it a delicious treat.
Seeing how I had a streptococcus scare earlier this week, & I am having all sorts of strange symptoms, my mom told me to get on over to the InstaCare after class.
I hate doctors like I hate squeezable mayo & slim jims. 
(which is a lot, Thank you Skyler Hardman for that painful reminder.)
But sometimes your health becomes the greater good & you take care of it.
Meet Sandy. (above)
Sandy grabbed me upon my arrival to the InstaCare & taking me by the arm saying "Alisha! I've been looking for you everywhere. Get in here."
As she yanked me quite literally through the doors I finally convinced her that I wasn't Alisha but I did seem to have an ear infection.
After a visit with the doctor & a few prescriptions later, I rewarded myself with these.
 Work had a few visual treats in store for me tonight.
(Imprinted on 11 journals... Seriously. If you see the individual handling one of these, handle him with care. He's got ELEVEN of these bad boys & something tells me you don't want to see your name in one of his journals.)
& this:
Other treat?
Friday Night=Date Night with my main man David Archuleta.
I'm a lucky girl.

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