Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I'll Be Home For Christmas

There are few people whom I love & adore more than 
Miss Aubrie D. Tilley.
(I tried to name one.. failed.)

Check her out here.
Christmas 2011
 There are few people who embrace the Christmas spirit the whole year round.
Aub does.
She does it with class, & that's why I'm crowning her
(drumroll please)
The Queen of Christmas!
She listens to Christmas music in June & counts down the days until Christmas.
It isn't so much the day she loves.
But more of the season.
I look at this picture every night to secure myself good dreams
The past three months of Aubrie's life have been dedicated to service in China; helping babies become healthy & happy.
She took an incredible leap of faith that swept her thousands of miles from anyone she knew.
Talk about courage.
I've missed her so much!
She comes home **this** Friday & I am pinching myself to insure it's real.
I have some bruises, so it must be!
We've enjoyed some FaceTime's while she's been away,
(& I've enjoyed taking these screen shots without telling her..)
(thank goodness for iPhone's, wifi, & technology!!)
& I got to see firsthand how much everyone & all the little ones love her.
Aubrie is love, & people are drawn to her.
Her light is contagious & she glows.
Certainly the Chinese are no exception!
Everyone needs an Aubrie Tilley in their lives, & I am so lucky to get the actual & completely genuine, original real thing.
****Wish you knew her?
Check out her Tuesday Times here.
If I'm allowed to have favorites, I think this interview is mine.

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