Saturday, December 3, 2011

Have a Cup of Cheer

Tradition continues to abound in the Palmer Household.
We've gone Ornament shopping,
I found an ornament my Mom detests,
& Rachel (the favorite?) got two gingerbread men ornaments.
That sounds about right.
Last year we started this Christmas craft ritual,
& the fun times kept rolling!
While this picture looks like the jolliest of jolly times, let me tell you the inner workings of this craft to be.
McKay went ahead & made a creepy ode to snowmen, Rachel took pride in her work, Spencer gave his snowmen facial reconstructive surgery due to some unfortunate mishap, Wade's had nose problems, & I had a probing zit on my forehead that left my eyes feeling like they were glazed over.
But we did listen to Christmas music & laughed together at nothing in particular.

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