Thursday, December 1, 2011

Haul Out the Holly

One example of a Christmas tradition that makes the Palmer
children groan.
Oh hello there.
Let me take off my Santa hat & put down the tiny tot & greet you properly.
December 1st salutations!
Thanks to my Mom, Christmas at the Palmer house is no small affair.
With at least 8 trees trimmed (decorated) within our home, our house truly does glow.

 Nothing screams Christmas cheer like Charles Dickens' classic,
& Mom, Wade, Rachel & I couldn't get enough of what cheer The Hale Theater brought to us.
I needed a little Christmas right that very minute & the Hale delivered.

Also, let me just say this.
These little guys are the best thing to happen to my taste buds since they started serving chocolate hot... & charging for it.

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