Thursday, December 8, 2011

Dreaming of a White Christmas

Here are some words & imagery of things I'm hoping to accomplish this holiday season:

(x=complete/being completed, empty=about to get on pathway to completion)
[x]Christmas music is the only music allowed in the confines of The FIT
[x] Don't overlook simple displays of Christmas splendor
[] get Big S to cook me breakfast in his track cross country outfit
[x] wear Christmas earrings to work daily (mixing subtle & flashy)
[x] do anonymous service
minus the cap & gown
[] see my Grandpa & Grandma Gooch
[]give anonymous giftings
[x]wear my driving retainer
(back story: recently, my Mom told me she thought my teeth were one that has gone down the paths of orthodontics wants to go back. They're a little snug so I'm breaking them in on my daily drives to Provo. Crossing my fingers it will eventually go back to being my sleeping retainer.xx)
[x] love more + increase patience
[]be a finals finisher
[]wear Christmas attire whenever able
[x] hang a stocking from the highest bough
[x] Get to know the Savior better by reading the 4 gospels by December 25th: 
Matthew, Mark, Luke & John
 [] attend a Christmas party in Kwanza attire
[x] Win something sweet
[]become bilingual by learning this song. Maybe I will impress the prophet when I turn in my papers with this skill?? (when practiced with my retainer in, it sounds really good)
[x] practice appropriate re-gifting
[x] see "A Christmas Carol"
[]talk to the head elf himself, Santa Claus
[]hot tub
[]make sweatshirts for up & coming family road trip
wish I could make this 800x in size, again.
[]See my foreigner/alien back in America, Aubrie! (kiss kiss hug hug)
[] go to Disneyland & say hi to all my favorites from the movies
[]decorate cookies
[]give perfect gifts
[x] say yes to opportunity
[]visit a toy store
[x]be nice

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  1. dearest Ashley,
    I'm supposed to speak spanish on my mission next week and I still don't know feliz navidad. Maybe you should give me your skills.