Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Checking it Twice

Who would've thought that finals season has already come & threatened to snatch the rug of comfort from underneath us?
This girl is shocked that it's final time.
 BYU always has a few tricks up it's sleeves.
Today I searched for a quiet spot where I probably wouldn't see anyone I knew.
(aka solidifying I would actually get something done.)
& I stumbled across quite a delicious find.
I found like I found a needle in a haystack.
This sort of "secret" needs protection.
Not everyone can know about this or it will lose it's magic.
Sometimes you hit walls & get tired of studying.
To shake it up, Wade & Rachel studied with me for an extended hour or two,
& I rewarded their kindness with Frosty's & fries.
We stopped studying when Wade said I "was running the risk of information overload which leads to short circuits."
Too true young lad of 11, too true.
Wish me luck on my first final tomorrow!

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