Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Kris Kringle Wants You.

Season's Greetings!
Hello there.
It's me, Ashley.
Do you remember me?
We went to high school together?
We're family?
 I met you at Snow College?
 You attend BYU?
That's probably how we know each other.
I used to blog. A lot. 
I mean, I know my 2011 track record doesn't back me up, but check me out in the year of 2010.
I was quite the blogger in those days.
(secret: those days may be back sooner than later... & you're invited!!!)

Yes you.
I'm hollering out merrily to one & all.
I thought it would be fun to see some life of Christmas via the blogosphere.
Beginning the 1st of December through Christmas I am taking the challenge to blog every day.
Share your day to day life in December.
Rant about finals.
Hall out your holly.
Cheer on the snow as it falls to the ground.
Show your gingerbread house.
Share your favorite Christmas quote.
Or simply share a daily picture.
Christmas is such a fun time of year, so why not share?
& all my other favorites whom I stalk?
I mean, is this lame?
(I'm having second thoughts...)
Who else (if any) wants to join?
I'm about what you're about,
& I can't wait to see what December of 2011 holds for each & every one of you.