Saturday, September 10, 2011

Roommates on 1050 East

My best friend Heather moved into my home on 1050 East to be my roommate last week!
Decor was in place to really welcome her upon arrival,
Heather isn't exactly a BYU fan, so I cut out some pictures
of her head & wrote some commentary that Heather probably
wouldn't be caught dead or alive saying.
Below is Heather simply radiating her first minute (night) spirit in our room!
We do everything together,
including trying out new hairstyles like the sock bun out together.
We even have our "pick me up" inspiration wall up & running.
Lucky Heather simply loves it when I take stalker
pictures of her on my iPhone & then edit them
for even cuter results.
Needless to say Heather is my best friend & having her live with the people I love most has made my life perfectly complete.

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