Monday, August 22, 2011

Lasts & a Multi-Colored Coat

The good times kept rolling as Klayton & I took a final trip together down to Ephraim to wish Kimball a happy birthday.
Kimball has never been the best photographer.
After this picture he said, & I quote, "Oh yeah guys that
actually turned out really good."
 Umm, what exactly is good about this Kimball?
Is it because we can't be seen?
Just a late night safe move to really get the party started.
Last weekend I took Klayton on a surprise date.
We picnicked on the infamous French Dip sandwiches,
& then went up to West Valley to see Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.
Does anyone else ever wish you could replicate yourself & follow
yourself around so that there & by you could guarantee to get a good
photo of yourself?
I find myself wishing for that very thing frequently.
Because I mean listen, this picture with a few cast members is quite horrible.
The good times of summer were rolling & I wasn't willing to admit they were speedily drawing to a close.

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