Sunday, August 21, 2011

It's What Fun Is

What would a welcome home & reuniting be without a trip to Lagoon?
Klayton thought so too.
Merely days after being back in Utah County Klayton took me to Farmington to hit up Utah's very own amusement park.
We enjoyed laughing, drinking cool beverages, holding hands & people watching.
 Halfway through the day it was rather hot so we decided to tumble on into some fun via Lagoon A Beach. 
My cranium wasn't screwed on quite right that day & among other things I forgot a brush was one of them.
So I looked like a wet dog the rest of the day.
wet sloppy dog hair
looking my best on the swings at the end of the day.
Good thing I have never taken a bad picture.
Truly a scream fun of a day.

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