Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Grateful Good-bye & Blessed Hellos.

With my BFF Heather, & her mother Cindy staying at my house last week, it was a party all the time.
Since Klayton left for his mission last Wednesday we all thought it would be wildly appropriate to take a trip down Provo River.
It was a wild time, full of childlike fun (which I am all about) & a delightful success.
 I said good-bye to Klayton, perhaps forever, but I know he will be a great missionary.
He taught me a lot & I am grateful for him & for our past friendship.
Education Week 2011 was a screaming success.
We enjoyed the classes & were truly edified.
As part of Education Week (I refuse to call it Ed. Week)
we went to a truly spiritually uplifting concert featuring some of the finest LDS artists.
Us with Dan Beck.
Heather is in love with this married man. She has already confronted
him & told him she is "obsessed" with him.
Good one Heath.
Now take a look at this picture. Look real close.
Does something not look right?
All I have to say is, Not my fault.
This week I also started working as a part time employee at two jobs.
I feel so blessed!
I'm working at Carriage Cove Apartments in Provo as a receptionist,
& at Deseret Book in Provo!
I am so excited to work at both of these jobs with such great people.
I feel so incredibly blessed.

Also, seeing how  as I am a complete nerd, I must admit I am quite excited to start my BYU classes next week! I'm quite nervous to be attending such a large university, but I am so excited for the changes that inevitably await!

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  1. YAY! You're at BYU! I'm so glad! You look so pretty in all these pictures :) I hope I see you on campus, girl!