Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Christmas in August

Well folks, it happened. It really, truly happened.
It was like Christmas.
In August.
Who knew such a wonderfully impossible thing was, in fact, possible?
This whole summer my comedian of a father would "act" like he wasn't going to grant me the wish of a piggy back ride.
Get him on Saturday Night Live because let's get real: It happened.
The gift needed to happen on the 18th so that it would be certain to occur whilst I was still youthful & merely 19.
"My Dad" left "me" this little gem of a note on the garage door:
& shortly after 5, as promised, the magic began.
At first, I was quite nervous to climb upon my Dad's supple frame,
 But then once we got going, I was honestly the happiest & nothing could have wiped my grin that stretched from ear to ear.
I'm totally thinking, "Pinch me. Is this real?"
 Favorite: Wade & Rachel's genuine excitement for me throughout the whole ride.
My Dad really was such a good sport to grant me such a true pleasure.
I will never forget how completely youthful I felt on my dad's back.
My Mom did her duties & took roughly 97 pictures.
My flipbook is now one of my most prized mementos.

Mom wasn't exempt from the childlike gift-giving either.
My request for Shell was for her to read my favorite bedtime story, Tickle Kingdom, while I sat on her lap with my baby blanket & in my PJ's, just like the old days.
Turns out a mother's lap is a wonderful place to be,
no matter what your age.
All my deepest desires were coming to pass & it wasn't even my birthday yet!
On August 18, 2011 I went to bed feeling like I was sleeping on a cloud & that surely that whole evening must have been a dream.
Because let's get real--The reality of that day had been better than any dream I could have conjured up in my subconscious mind. 

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