Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Big 2-0

My birthday was such a fun day.
I woke up with a smile on my face & laughter in my heart due to the elation that yesterday's activities had brought me.

& my Dad kept the magic coming by giving me a birthday kiss on my cheek after I woke up!!!
The last time that happened was well, never.
My senses were knocked completely out of whack once that happened!

My BFF's Heather & Cindy had purchased me a complete new beautiful outfit from a head band on my head to a belt around my waist, because they were worried about the fact that I kept blatantly disobeying Deseret Book's stricter-than-life dress code.
cute getting ready hair
I was also gifted a "Someone in Taylor AZ loves you" T-shirt.
They are honestly the sweetest & most thoughtful.
We dined on breakfast yogurt parfaits & doughnuts because earlier in the week I had made some wise-crack joke wanting one so Shell being the delightful mother granted that little wish.

Unfortunately I had to take Heath & Cind to the airport & then I hit up Deseret Book for some birthday working fun.
Nothing says welcome to being 20 like working on your birthday.
I came home & we had coconut & turtle pies as a family,
then we grabbed McKenzie & Jennifer & hit up Deer Creek.
Jenn missed the hand on hip memo.

matchy match swimsuits! We're the same.
& the final thing on my list?
Grabbing the rest of my friends & getting frozen yogurt at Orange Leaf.
My birthday was a wild success & I think I will eventually come to terms with telling people that I am, in fact, 20.
Thanks to all my wonderful family & friends for making it the most fun couple of days ever.

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