Saturday, August 20, 2011

The 411 & the Latest Fun

Alright, 365 Days with Ashley is sorely dwindling.
It's pathetic.
Life is so good & I can't wait to share.
The end of July & the beginning of August have been full of delicious splendor.
Let me indulge & divulge just a tad about what has been happening along 1050 East.
(So as not to bore the elderly & scare the children, 
my updates will occur over a succession of days)
 I was feeling pretty fly in mid-July when Heather came to visit again.
 we went on some late-evening exploring, & SURPRISE Heather hated it.
 I'm a sucker for a people surprising people, so I grabbed some Snow-Coll alum to surprise Heather down at Seven Peaks.
 I love all these people!
Notice Heather's right hand placement. Look at Kimball's face.
He seems to be unsure about how he feels about Heath getting so fresh
with him.
From LtoR:
Creepily corner smile, white trash couple & a much needed swimsuit
This picture is destined for greatness.
Fun times!

Somehow life continued to race on by & before I could get a cleansing breath in August 1st arrived.
I received a rather late night call from none other than Klayton.
I had been missing him quite a bit this summer & this phone call took a rather interesting turn about an hour into it.
I will spare you the sappy details but long story short

this little guy surprised me 5 days early.
To say I freaked out & tackled him would be pretty accurate.
We carried on as though he hadn't been gone for 3 months & I hugged the crap out of him.
I was the happiest.

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