Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Big 2-0

My birthday was such a fun day.
I woke up with a smile on my face & laughter in my heart due to the elation that yesterday's activities had brought me.

& my Dad kept the magic coming by giving me a birthday kiss on my cheek after I woke up!!!
The last time that happened was well, never.
My senses were knocked completely out of whack once that happened!

My BFF's Heather & Cindy had purchased me a complete new beautiful outfit from a head band on my head to a belt around my waist, because they were worried about the fact that I kept blatantly disobeying Deseret Book's stricter-than-life dress code.
cute getting ready hair
I was also gifted a "Someone in Taylor AZ loves you" T-shirt.
They are honestly the sweetest & most thoughtful.
We dined on breakfast yogurt parfaits & doughnuts because earlier in the week I had made some wise-crack joke wanting one so Shell being the delightful mother granted that little wish.

Unfortunately I had to take Heath & Cind to the airport & then I hit up Deseret Book for some birthday working fun.
Nothing says welcome to being 20 like working on your birthday.
I came home & we had coconut & turtle pies as a family,
then we grabbed McKenzie & Jennifer & hit up Deer Creek.
Jenn missed the hand on hip memo.

matchy match swimsuits! We're the same.
& the final thing on my list?
Grabbing the rest of my friends & getting frozen yogurt at Orange Leaf.
My birthday was a wild success & I think I will eventually come to terms with telling people that I am, in fact, 20.
Thanks to all my wonderful family & friends for making it the most fun couple of days ever.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Christmas in August

Well folks, it happened. It really, truly happened.
It was like Christmas.
In August.
Who knew such a wonderfully impossible thing was, in fact, possible?
This whole summer my comedian of a father would "act" like he wasn't going to grant me the wish of a piggy back ride.
Get him on Saturday Night Live because let's get real: It happened.
The gift needed to happen on the 18th so that it would be certain to occur whilst I was still youthful & merely 19.
"My Dad" left "me" this little gem of a note on the garage door:
& shortly after 5, as promised, the magic began.
At first, I was quite nervous to climb upon my Dad's supple frame,
 But then once we got going, I was honestly the happiest & nothing could have wiped my grin that stretched from ear to ear.
I'm totally thinking, "Pinch me. Is this real?"
 Favorite: Wade & Rachel's genuine excitement for me throughout the whole ride.
My Dad really was such a good sport to grant me such a true pleasure.
I will never forget how completely youthful I felt on my dad's back.
My Mom did her duties & took roughly 97 pictures.
My flipbook is now one of my most prized mementos.

Mom wasn't exempt from the childlike gift-giving either.
My request for Shell was for her to read my favorite bedtime story, Tickle Kingdom, while I sat on her lap with my baby blanket & in my PJ's, just like the old days.
Turns out a mother's lap is a wonderful place to be,
no matter what your age.
All my deepest desires were coming to pass & it wasn't even my birthday yet!
On August 18, 2011 I went to bed feeling like I was sleeping on a cloud & that surely that whole evening must have been a dream.
Because let's get real--The reality of that day had been better than any dream I could have conjured up in my subconscious mind. 

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Grateful Good-bye & Blessed Hellos.

With my BFF Heather, & her mother Cindy staying at my house last week, it was a party all the time.
Since Klayton left for his mission last Wednesday we all thought it would be wildly appropriate to take a trip down Provo River.
It was a wild time, full of childlike fun (which I am all about) & a delightful success.
 I said good-bye to Klayton, perhaps forever, but I know he will be a great missionary.
He taught me a lot & I am grateful for him & for our past friendship.
Education Week 2011 was a screaming success.
We enjoyed the classes & were truly edified.
As part of Education Week (I refuse to call it Ed. Week)
we went to a truly spiritually uplifting concert featuring some of the finest LDS artists.
Us with Dan Beck.
Heather is in love with this married man. She has already confronted
him & told him she is "obsessed" with him.
Good one Heath.
Now take a look at this picture. Look real close.
Does something not look right?
All I have to say is, Not my fault.
This week I also started working as a part time employee at two jobs.
I feel so blessed!
I'm working at Carriage Cove Apartments in Provo as a receptionist,
& at Deseret Book in Provo!
I am so excited to work at both of these jobs with such great people.
I feel so incredibly blessed.

Also, seeing how  as I am a complete nerd, I must admit I am quite excited to start my BYU classes next week! I'm quite nervous to be attending such a large university, but I am so excited for the changes that inevitably await!

Monday, August 22, 2011

At the Beginning

In February, Klayton & I accompanied Heather to her stomping home grounds in Arizona.
While we were there we went on a little casual group date with Heather's brother.
He was taking a young lass named McKenzie on their very first date.
Well fast forward 6 months & a few more dates in between, & they were married.
We simply couldn't pass up the opportunity to drive up to Tooele for the Utah Reception.

Klayton took a nice stalker picture of Cindy Farr.
This is one hilarious woman.
I am obsessed & love her.
Klayton ran up to the happy couple & took this
flattering shot.
My friends have learned that when & wherever the opportunity arises, photo shoots are a must!
What a complete pleasure to see something we saw the seeds planted, grow, flourish & blossom.