Sunday, July 3, 2011

All in a Day Off

 Last Monday I didn't have to work!
At first glance, I could have almost missed Jenn as
she sat looking slightly homeless in the space between the
parking garage.
So I met cute Jenn for lunch at delicious Sammy's in Provo.
Our waiter purred, we caught up after more than a month apart, & Rachel begged for us to go when she was fed up.
click on picture to get a good look at our crazy waiter
Since it was Rachel's day for sibling fun, we also did things like going to the Bean Museum at BYU to visit Kenzie, a walmart trip, & visiting a friend-I-am-missing's family.
mere minutes before he once again was set apart as a missionary.
Also on Monday, Darren received his mission call again & had less than 24 hours to report to the MTC on Tuesday at 8am.
Darren & I have had some good times in the 13+ years we have been friends.
I know he is going to continue to bless lives through his example, just as he has done mine.

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