Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Nanny McPhee

The person you need is Nanny McPhee.
It's sad when your baby sister's snaggle-tooth bares resemblance to one of the ugliest characters on the silver screen.
The time has come for that bad boy to be yanked out.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Holla at Your Bean.

Last night was the worldwide premiere of the ending of an incredible franchise & era.
It was Harry Potter 7:2 time.
Kenzie & I came up with the rather original idea to be a "Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Bean"
Unicorn Blood & Flaming Firebolt beans at your service.
 We stamped & painted our shirts the night before along with our jelly bean head bands.
After a brief photo stint with Shell, we headed to Riverton to meet up with the Unbreakable Vow Crew.
Butterbeer was quickly brewed,
 & as the picture depicts, Professor Trelawney really enjoyed it's warm fizzle.
LtoR: 2 beans, Professor Trelawney, Bellatrix Lestrange, Dobby & Luna

There was so much excitement before the movie started
 We were all sorted into our proper houses via the sorting hat,
 & we gave Mr. Potter himself a proper greeting before entering into our destiny.
 The following picture is a recreation of the fulfilled vow that took place at Snow Coll merely 3 months ago,
 & here we all are with Snuggies & excitement galore.
I could rave about the movie all afternoon long, but I will spare you & just merely say,
Thank you for letting us all grow up with you, Harry Potter. 

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Come one, Come all- Be Youthful

Oh yooooo-woooo LADIES:
Feeling like your youthful days are numbered & wanting to secure your "teenage dream" forever? Come to the FOYH (fountain of youth hike) on Saturday August 13th @ 8am. Yes I realize this seems far out, but tell your husbands & bosses you need this time off in order to secure your youth forever.

-water, snacks, photographer, & a good time provided.
RSVP so we know how many to count on.
side note: not a teen, but still feeling youthful? Perrrffect. You too are invited to join in the festivities.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Let Freedom Ring: It's Independence Day

We had a fun 4th (my favorite holiday!) as a family.
 Some of us began to enter the realms of obesity at a young age,
 while these 3 continued to showcase that you are never to old to be entranced by a fire's flames.
Kimball eating a bird's size morsel of food
 PG City put on a great Fireworks' Spectacular, that was even safe,
 & after we enjoyed cursing each other with some store-bought wands & crafty spells.
Happy Independence Day!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Surprise! & Razor Sharp Water

I love reunions & I love surprises.
Aubrie came to my home last week after I invited her with hardly any notice.
But being the gypsy adventurer that she is, she showed up ready to party--whether the clubs could handle her or not.
She was a good sport as we went to a work out at PG Rec & then rewarded ourselves with kneaders French toast.

Now we let the fun begin.
Jenn, Caitlyn & I had planned to take some tubes on a lake and play in the sun & water.
I hadn't told them I had invited Aub as well, so that's where the surprise comes in.
Typical Caitlyn sacrificing comfort for the greater good of others.
Aub hid in one of the extra red boxes at the Lindon Sugar Sweet stand & popped out completely surprising Caitlyn & Jenn.
Jenn overcome with happy emotions
Gerret our partner in crime.
They are now dating.
Congrats are in order.
No more secrets, just plain fun & reuniting.
We took the tubes up AF Canyon to Tibble Fork.
To say that the water was cold was an understatement.
As Aubrie & Jenn so appropriately said "the water felt razor sharp" & it did. Needless to say we didn't last in the water very long & we were more than happy to get out & snack on our picnic treats. 
We then went back to my home to get ready, but not without a brief visit from Mr. HP himself.
After a round of showers & arrivals of more friends, we went to the marriage reception for Katie & Trevor Heder. They were honestly glowing & my right eye was watering. I was so happy for them.
Caitlyn naturally caught the bouqet & it won't be long before our own
little Ann is tying the knot.
The festivities eventually were made back to my home on 1050 East & we laughed as Wade recited from memory "The Tale of the 3 Brothers."
We went on a not so bright late night drive to Alpine & we socialized some more.
 I love my friends both high school & college.
I love summer adventures & spontaneous fun galore.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

All in a Day Off

 Last Monday I didn't have to work!
At first glance, I could have almost missed Jenn as
she sat looking slightly homeless in the space between the
parking garage.
So I met cute Jenn for lunch at delicious Sammy's in Provo.
Our waiter purred, we caught up after more than a month apart, & Rachel begged for us to go when she was fed up.
click on picture to get a good look at our crazy waiter
Since it was Rachel's day for sibling fun, we also did things like going to the Bean Museum at BYU to visit Kenzie, a walmart trip, & visiting a friend-I-am-missing's family.
mere minutes before he once again was set apart as a missionary.
Also on Monday, Darren received his mission call again & had less than 24 hours to report to the MTC on Tuesday at 8am.
Darren & I have had some good times in the 13+ years we have been friends.
I know he is going to continue to bless lives through his example, just as he has done mine.