Thursday, June 23, 2011

Summer Sweet Lovin

No, this isn't a post about guy meets girl,
or how I am having a dreamy summer romance.
Say hello to Sugar Sweet LLC.
My summer employment.
 I truly quite enjoy my job.
Yes when you see those red stands with wagon loads of produce, it's probably me.
I work all around Utah & Salt Lake county.
Watching TV at home on my couch is harder than this.
Let's get real. Jobs at this age aren't the most fun.
& I am sure there are times in real careers when you would rather kill over than go to work,
but this job does have it's perks. 
I get to be outside,
write missionaries & read literature to my heart's content when not helping customers.
& when I do help customers they are simply the nicest.
Family visit at our Lindon location.

So I mean, all I am saying is if you like fresh produce & you see my Honda FIT parked nearby stop in & I will give you some free samples!
Here's to hoping you are having a happy summer & finding some joy in your summer jobs as well.

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