Thursday, June 16, 2011

Fun with the Fam in the Saint G. Sun

Our family took our annual trip down to St. George.
We had delicious eats like Texas Roadhouse,

Big S: The constant character.
Notice Rachel's owl Sparkle [Spark for short]
is our family's version of "Where's Waldo?"

We were delighted to witness the magic once again of Tuacahn's performance of 
The Little Mermaid.We felt so lucky to be on the 2nd row, it's definitely the way to go--you practically feel like you are apart of the show!
One random worker volunteered to take our picture.
As you can see:
Mom almost didn't make the cut.
Centering pictures is overrated.
& a rather large gust of wind picked up leaving my hair looking like I just made it out of the cold war.
To say we LOVED this show feels like a large understatement.
Go there today. (or tomorrow if necessary)
The creativity, talent, costumes, scenery & creativity featured at this theater is unparalleled & this show is certainly the cream of the crop.
If you are feeling like you need some visual enlightenment, or just something to feast your eyes on- go here.
Back by popular demand (i.e. Mom & I's insistence) we took pictures with all our favorite characters.
The next morn was time for our annual hike.
We went to Red Cliff's just outside of St. George.
I insist you give it a try.
SO fun. 
Yes, I admit it. I, Ashley, admitted that there are some fun hikes in this world.
There was beautiful scenery aplenty,
waterfalls, cliff jumping & swimming galore.
(The true adventurer swims with or without typical swimming gear)
Frogs & toads were a popular feature for the kids,
Typical Dad flagging Mom down to get a candid picture with me.
Rachel was fearless with those Frogs

No hike would be complete without Mom trying to sick the rest of us out,
I did my best to emulate the white trash outfit & look I was sporting,
but then the time came.
The time to become one with nature.
& we all know there is only one way to become one with Nature--that my friends is some nice relaxing & body warming yoga.
Here's how:
1. Half lotus leg placement.
2. Speaking in Australian accents so as to sound more refined.
3. Ceremonial mud to increase inner peace.
4. Each participating individual sharing their favorite yoga pose & why.
& of course for a successful outdoor session:
5. Pitter pattering the water in between poses & for a nice relaxing break. 
Some scary parts required Dad to give an elated Rachel a piggy back ride.
Shortly after this shot was taken, these 2 took a turn for the worst.
Rachel got dumped into the water with a frazzled 11-year-old Wade having to save her, & Dad completely clothed did some freak show Tarzan shuffle swing with the rope before he too surrendered to the clutches of the water below. 
We honestly had such a fun time here!
Mom & I left the other's behind to go see the teen frenzy that is Grease.
We loved this one too. Unfortunately I felt a tad dumb being 19 & getting pictures with characters but don't let that trick you into thinking that Grease wasn't stellar as well!
It truly was & I loved every eye catching second.
As usual the Palmer clan loved the trip to sunny St. George.
Special thanks to:
 Tuachan, "Worthy Opponent" burgers from Texas Roadhouse, Ahoy! to Village Road, Yoga, Dad's wet jeans, & talking about our relative's yellow toenails 
for making this trip such a complete joy.

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