Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Captain of the Palmer Home

 It was Papa Bear's Day to shine & we pulled out all the stops.

 As part of my Dad's giftings we moved on to phase 2 on my quest to get a piggy back.
Truly one of the oddest group pictures we have
ever done together.
What is with this formation?
Don't be worried-- You think you see a little of
my side in this picture?
That's completely intentional.
I'm all about white trash these days.
I love my Dad so much!
 I think he had a good day with being edified at Stake Conference, a hearty nap, barbecue for dinner, Scum for some nightly entertainment, getting his elbow popped out of it's socket via an intense arm wrestle (That's what he gets for trying to be the fun parent) & of course socializing at the Culps after.
Happy Father's Day 2011!

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