Monday, June 27, 2011

They grow up so fast.

Remember Kelsey & Carli?
My freshman year at Snow College these two were my salvation in the havoc that was A8.
Carli left us first semester because she marriaged her best friend, & now it's Kelsey's turn.
I can hardly believe it.
Isn't she just the most beautiful bride?
Lucky for me I got off work early & was able to make it for the festivities.
I will forever be grateful for the friendship Kelsey extended to me & the hilarious memories we made.
Typical Kimball was the nicest & drove down there with me.
He's a great best friend to have.
Of course we were the hungriest we have ever been so we stopped by 5 Guys to catch us some grub.
Sunday rolled around & it was Truman's farewell.
The following hooligans got in the FIT & we drove to SLC for some quality Snow Reunion/more good-bye time.
So much change in so little time, & it's a good thing.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

She's Engaged, & Not So Underage

Ana Iorg is engaged.
Who would've thought that she would be the first of our friends to be swept off her feet into the bonds of matrimony?
 If the big smiles from these pictures aren't a big enough indicator let me just reiterate.
I'm so happy for her!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Summer Sweet Lovin

No, this isn't a post about guy meets girl,
or how I am having a dreamy summer romance.
Say hello to Sugar Sweet LLC.
My summer employment.
 I truly quite enjoy my job.
Yes when you see those red stands with wagon loads of produce, it's probably me.
I work all around Utah & Salt Lake county.
Watching TV at home on my couch is harder than this.
Let's get real. Jobs at this age aren't the most fun.
& I am sure there are times in real careers when you would rather kill over than go to work,
but this job does have it's perks. 
I get to be outside,
write missionaries & read literature to my heart's content when not helping customers.
& when I do help customers they are simply the nicest.
Family visit at our Lindon location.

So I mean, all I am saying is if you like fresh produce & you see my Honda FIT parked nearby stop in & I will give you some free samples!
Here's to hoping you are having a happy summer & finding some joy in your summer jobs as well.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Swooning for June

It was my lucky day when Heather came to visit from the 85939.
 We enjoyed a nice morning workout & then ate all our calories back (& then some) with some of Kneader's delish french toast.
 We shopped,
 ate some more at Zupa's,
 & then we went to see Pirates of the Caribbean with Shell.
 We wouldn't necessarily recommend it, but we enjoyed a couple of laughs.
 On Saturday we hung out & prepared to surprise Kimball.
We put Heather in the FIT's trunk & then she popped out & surprised him.
His reaction wasn't exactly what we hoped for, but it was still so fun to surprise him.
 whoops, zoom in...Sorry Heath.
 Our reuniting began at Cafe Rio,
 & then we ended up at the Scera Shell's performance of
Singin in the Rain.
First minute spirit
 Once again, I wouldn't recommend it, but we enjoyed some laughs.
(Turns out I shouldn't be in charge of the entertainment since neither were truly successful.)
 During intermission Kimball was no longer worried about losing a "man card" for seeing a play, but rather he just wanted to get out of there.
 But we aren't quitters!
We finish what we start, no matter how dismal the entertainment is.
Heather was insistant on pulling an all-nighter, so as Kimball left my house around 4 am, we snapped this shot. Too bad Kimball looks like a drunken fool.
On Sunday morning there was no sweet sorrow at this parting.
I am so lucky that Heather is my  very best friend & came to visit!!!
It was truly magical & I loved each & every second.
Come back home Heath. Come home.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Captain of the Palmer Home

 It was Papa Bear's Day to shine & we pulled out all the stops.

 As part of my Dad's giftings we moved on to phase 2 on my quest to get a piggy back.
Truly one of the oddest group pictures we have
ever done together.
What is with this formation?
Don't be worried-- You think you see a little of
my side in this picture?
That's completely intentional.
I'm all about white trash these days.
I love my Dad so much!
 I think he had a good day with being edified at Stake Conference, a hearty nap, barbecue for dinner, Scum for some nightly entertainment, getting his elbow popped out of it's socket via an intense arm wrestle (That's what he gets for trying to be the fun parent) & of course socializing at the Culps after.
Happy Father's Day 2011!