Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Smorgish Borg

Get ready for a smorgish borg of pictures from as of late
Eldon domesticated not 1 but 2 delicious Ice Cream cakes to
celebrate my graduation.
My sweet brother Spencer spent hours quilting me this
Snow College lap blanket for a graduation gift.
With Klayton leaving soon, I hurried up & completed his quote book/
scrapbook of pictures.
In a lot of ways our friendship began with games of Racko.
Klayton made me this set for his parting gift.
He has been working on it for months apparently making sure
everything was just perfect.
& it was.
I worked up the ying-yang applying for new jobs....
I romped around the town in this get up for Cinco de Mayo.
Yes it is an African dress so I will be able to wear it during Kwanza as well.
Rachel had been begging me to come eat with her at school
so I brought with me a piece of the leftovers from the delish
ice cream cakes.
Rachel is a downright comedian as she takes before
& after shots of her cleaning the bathroom.
 Happy Mother's Day to the world's greatest Mom was celebrated on Sunday,
Dad & Spence through on their parkas & ponchos to grill up the meat
& we took the typical porch group pictures
Kenzie was so thoughtful to bring BYU giftings over for a graduation gift
how nice is she?
Yesterday was a rainy day & my BFF Heath sent me these
& then yesterday Kimball took me to get frozen yogurt.
Come rain or shine, Summertime is here!!!

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