Thursday, May 19, 2011

Signed, Sealed, & Delivered

Sometimes I tend to be really dramatic & I get wildly out of hand.
On Monday the 16th, I went to bed really early.
It was celestial.
I told my parents all about it & I said "I wish every morning could feel like that."
Then I realized it could.
Going to bed early, what a concept right?
I told my parents I would do it.
After all, I'm not afraid.
It started as a joke, & then turns into this:

May 18th, 2011
I, __Ashley Palmer__________ promise to be home by 10 pm Mountain
Standard Time every Sunday-Thursday during the Summer of 2011 to ensure I live the commandment “Early to bed, Early to rise.” I realize that I might miss out on an occasional fun splurge, but I know that when dawn breaks I will be grateful for the decision I have made. Also, I would like to recognize that an occasional extenuating circumstance may present itself in which I will discuss with my loving parents (the witnesses of this document, Eldon and Shelley) and decide if what ever has arisen is worth participating in and considered to be an “extenuating circumstance.”

If I blatantly disobey this contract, I, ____Ashley Palmer___________ realize that choices have consequences. In the instant that I break this law, the following outcomes will occur:
-I will be required to consume one half pound of plain butter
-shave half my head
-surrender my cell phone for 3 business days

Ashley Palmer
upholder of truth, signer of contract

Eldon Palmer
witness number one

Shelley Palmer
witness number two

(the above contract was signed & notarized by the 3 individuals on May 18th, 2011. It now hangs as a reminder on the Palmer family fridge)


  1. I do believe I was with you at 10:45 on May 20th which happened to be a Friday. I am expecting a post with pictures of a half-shaven head...
    Unless of course Kan Jam is an extenuating circumstance.

  2. excellent consequences... they will scare anyone into me!