Monday, May 30, 2011

Like a G6

I was welcomed to Brigham City by Aub in her favorite Varsity long sleeve tee complete with hood.
We took some nice self timed bedtime pics.
after one month apart we sat & laughed like old times
Saturday was filled with delicious eats & even better company in Mantua at the "Res."
uh-oh Sierra!
We ran into a tad bit of turbulent wind which resulted in dangerous rescuing escapades.
However, after much effort & a little back up I am pleased to report we all made it to original perches safely. 
Sarah came to join in the fun, & we discovered how easy it would be to dogknap.
We put on our African dresses over our suits & went to Crystal Hot Springs.
We met up with some of Aub & Sar's acquaintances from the BC & had a truly delightfully squished time.
(it was a tad packed due to the fact it was Memorial Day weekend)
All in all, I loved my reuniting with Aub after a month apart.
It was full of laughs, rainbows & candid laughter.

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