Monday, May 9, 2011

Let the Graduation Commence

Well the time came to graduate from the place that gave me more friends, fun & opportunity than I could ever dream,
Graduation brought out the crazy, raving lunatic from within me.

Before walking across that stage Heather & I stopped for a cheesy pic.
Or at least I cheezed, Heather just smiled.
I walked across the stage,
thought about giving Snow College's president Scott Wyatt a wet willy,
I had stage fright so I didn't do it,
In the words of my father, "molested" Tucker Smith with a hug he wouldn't soon forget.\
In the words of Tucker, "He liked it"
& so all was fine.
Graduation was a 2 & a half hour ceremony.
I think I could have done without most of that.
But these sorts of things do take time.
Ask anyone I was sitting next to though,
after about 10 minutes I was being rowdy & losing all sense of reason.
love him,
 friends were so nice to come & support:
& him
& my twin who made this whole experience possible
I love these 3.
I miss them all.
Good-byes are really hard.
Caitlyn Jacobson--funniest girl at Snow College.
My sweet supporters G & G Gooch came all the way from Cal-i-forn-i-a
to support.
I love & appreciate them more than they could ever know.
Aub Till. The woman who made everything so fun & my 2nd year so incredibly lively

Lots of love to my favorite Lopeti & Hayden

I've said it once, I've said it 1,000 times:
He's perfect.
I admire him.
& of course.
my parents ShelDon.
I owe them everything.
They gave me inital life & they keep me going through life.
I love them.
I love them.
I love them.
Bye N-72 & probably most fun year of life.
I am truly so inadequately blessed.

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