Friday, May 6, 2011

Last Week in the Snowy Paradise

There was all sorts of fun to be had the last week of School,
like fishing,
 Going to the Drive-in movie theater in Mount Pleasant,
 I don't think I would have liked Hop in another setting, but being outside made all the difference.
 We took a try at flying kites,
 Since Aub love love loved this shirt so much, I gifted it to her as a graduation gift,
 We took our last trip to the Sugar Plum Cottage to get Sno-Cremes,
 & on our way back I put the pedal to the metal so we could hear this song for the last time in the library.
 In order to make that happen, I had to park on campus,
& later we saw two full moons... but it's fine.
 On Friday night, the Farr Fam showed up for tomorrow's graduation so we tried to show them a good time...
we braved the snow & sleet & went up the canyon, 
 We ate delicious tin foil dinners,
made s'mores,
& roasted starbursts.
I love this family so much!!!!

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