Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hey-ya from Ms. Caitlyn Jacobson

I've missed doing my weekly Tuesday interviews, so who better to start with than one of my very favorite BF's from Snow College:
Caitlyn Jacobson.
Hands down funniest girl at Snow College.
The type of girl you never tire of, so thoughtful, smart, young, totally rich, fresh, & did I mention out loud hilarious?
Grab a handful of carmel popcorn & sit down to read about one of my favorite people--Caitlyn.
1. Favorite Color?

Caitlyn: yellow
2. Food you can't live without?
Caitlyn: Skittle Crazy Cores
3. Favorite nature aspect?
Caitlyn: I would have to go with the Mountains. Without them we’d be flat. You don’t have to write that. Do I have time to answer these questions? Ashley! Answer me.
4. Desired super power?
Caitlyn: (After a rather long pause, almost gasping,) Mine? I would say definitely flying. I mean not as high as airplanes because I don't want to get brushed away. I am freaking out! I don’t feel like I am being myself. (walks away, with some encouragement & coaching returns for 5th question)
5. Song that you would say describes your life right now?
Caitlyn: (clears throat.) There are so many songs out there, how can I choose just one? Don't write that. But if I had to choose just one... I’m sorry this sucks by John Mayer. No really. (Grabs head in frustration.) Silence. I didn’t have one in my head. I have recently become a huge fan of Backstreet Boys and Michelle Branch. Because all of their songs relate to me. I hope to be larger than life and I hope to be your perfect fan... hopefully the fans get that.
6. Biggest Accomplishment?
Caitlyn: I don’t know if you know this about me. I did pass concurrent enrollment in ceramics. AP. Not just anyone can just get in there. I was one of two. So yeah, it was a big deal.
7. Favorite vacation spot?
Caitlyn: Lake Powell hands down. (With almost authority) You know there’s people out there that say I’d rather see the Mona Lisa and the Eiffel Tower. I don’t want to brag but I have been there, done that. Are you done typing yet? For me I would reather be sun bathing, tubing... holding on for life behind the boat. Sun kissed crazy cores.. All of the above.
8. Top 3 things on your bucket list?
Caitlyn: I would say one, but everyone says that. So I have two more right? NOOOO! I want to get married in the temple (said in small whiny voice.) Don't write that, I don't know why I just did that. Ok, Perform in triathalon, I was going to say skydiving but everyone says that, I ummm you know I am just set out for adventures I want to own a Jeep Grand Cherokee. I like the more darker colors so... As for number 3, I want to go on a humanitarian trip. I’m a really good person so...
9. Favorite restaurant?
Caitlyn: Heck are we talking burger or burrito here? This is pretty typical American, but I love Café Rio and Apollo Burger and Fries. I just like good old fashioned burgers and fries.
10. Most embarrassing moment?
Caitlyn: Don’t have one. I don’t get embarrassed. I tried to find directions today... and I got lost. Do you want me to be quite frank and honest here? Ashley respond. I have had many experiences that if they happened to the typical plumber joe they’d be embarrassed, but I don't get embarrassed.
11. Favorite & least favorite thing about Snow College?
Caitlyn: Favorite: Tucker Smith. Least Favorite: he won’t be there next year. Ok really the Tucker Smith was just a joke everyone would say that so just delete that. I have grown quite fond of Fernando. Least favorite.. I can’t think of one.
12. If you could be any animal, what would you be & why?
Caitlyn: (Eyes grow large with possibility)... Ah shoot. Any animal? Oh dear. Oh... ummm.... Can you guys breathe? I would be a kangaroo, I don’t know if anyone has experienced this. I once had pockets on my soccer shorts. It changed me. (spontaneously starts shouting) I now always want a permanent pocket!
13. Favorite quote?
Caitlyn: Ooh I know this one? "Why do you try so hard to fit in when you were born to stand out." Because Daphne....and all Ian sees is her beautifulness so... I would like to compare that unto myself. Alright, next question.
14. If you could sweat anything other than salty water, what would you sweat?
Caitlyn: Pure water. I think I could make a fortune out of it. I also just like water to drink.
(out of the blue she starts singing Rolling in the Deep under her breath.. but yes we can still hear her)
15. Who do you look up to & why?
Caitlyn: laughter... Austin, special needs hypnotizing boy. (relinquishing first answer) Alright, we’re all thinking it, Oprah Winfrey. She had her last show and her studio, Harpo is her name backwards, brilliant. If my name were Caitlyn it would be Nyltiac.
16. Worst memory?
Caitlyn: (eyes grow with the ghosts of bad things past.) I’ve never told anyone this before. Most people try and forget that. Well so one time I fell asleep and my friends thought it would be comical to wake me up with shooting silly string on my face. Immediately without fail I jumped up and the feeling I had inside me was a memory of a war in which I saw gruesome things. I say this jokingly and I wish I could erase that. If I could I would be much further in my life.
17. Biggest pet peeve?
Caitlyn: (microexpression screams contempt.) I have so many of em.. Ok biggest pet peeve. When boys have bed hair. They have an inch of hair and can’t bother to do it. Also! Dirty, bubbly cell phone screens! You know, the ones that don't look good. Remove those!
18. How did you get to be so funny? & What makes you laugh?
Caitlyn: I don’t know that that is something I have gone through.. Restate the question please. What makes me laugh?.. If I hear or see something that turns on the switch in the head and it makes me laugh. Certain people make me laugh. I just think lots of things are funny.
19. If you could meet anyone from past or present, who would it be & what would you do with them?
Caitlyn: Joseph Smith. I’d help him restore the gospel. Why did I just say that? I don’t think that’s possible for me. Hitler.. I’d help him kill. I mean ok I can’t think of one. Rosa Parks. This is what I said so clearly I am in white. In 6th grade you always want the back seat so this is what I would have done. This would have been a short small spot.. Get back to the back you’re black. I would say, here’s what I would say.. My exact words would be, I can’t think of my exact words would be... Stop! People can’t know I am not perfect. I would say, "If Rosa goes I go!" Wait, did it have to be someone famous?
20. Goals for yourself in 5 years?
Caitlyn: ooh one of them is summer goals. But we can do 5 years. Summer goal is to eat healthier. Listen I realize I am not a heavy person so to say, but I could shed like 10 pounds and eat better and run, I mean exercise more. Also, I don’t mean to get religious, but I hope to go through the temple... funny you would say 5 years and run because I'd like to participate in a triathlon
21. If you could be any fictional character, who would it be?
Caitlyn: Paul Bunyon. I’ve never respected a blue cattle more than his.
22. Favorite word?
Caitlyn: (Glancing to the sky.) I know my least favorite.. Moist. Ointment. Favorite word? Clearly. I mean it’s nice. Adverb form. I mean I just made that up. I was just thinking how the sky is clearing up? Can we go.. I’m getting very nervous.
23. If you could be anyone else for one day, who would you be & why?
Caitlyn: Misty Dawn Chadwick. My roommate. Said in whisper. I could know what the heck she’s thinking of and why she does what she does.
24. If you could have parents other than your own, who would you choose?
Caitlyn: Geez I wouldn’t change my parents for the world. Alright if you insist, Sonny and Cher.
25. What are you afraid of?
Caitlyn: Failure. I’ll admit it.
26. What is something that most people don't know about you?
Caitlyn: I'm pregnant. OK!!! I don’t know. That is a good question. Does it have to be like an experience such as lying? Or can it be a personality trait. I really get uncomfortable when I don’t know people at first. Some people might think contrary to that. At the beginning of college I didn't know lots of people so I didn't love it. But once I met more people I quite enjoyed it, obviously.

Final Words?
Caitlyn: I just want to disclaim to everyone a. if you’re reading this for recreation. I hope you enjoy. b. If you’re looking for marriage, ay yigh yigh if was all under pressure so don’t judge this. And c. if this sucked, blame Ashley Palmer. Well I have a question for you actually, if you could name your favorite quality about me, what would it be? Joking what’s your biggest regret?
Ashley: Caitlyn...
Caitlyn: Ashley, this is my interview, do it!
Ashley: jr high. Roommates.
highlights from our interview in Pleasant Grove & American Fork
Caitlyn: Well I just wanted to personally thank you Ashley. Copyright this. I mean you have been like a best friend to me, I know you wouldn't classify us like that, but you are. Special thanks to Kimball for being photographer and scribe. And Mars Food industry, for the snacks.

Thank you Caitlyn for such a fun interview. Thanks for the perfect friend you are to me and for your constant listening ear, funny story, and hilarious memories. I just love Caitlyn so much.
Love you long time.

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