Monday, April 4, 2011

Hippie Fest

Have you heard of the Color Festival?
I realize if you reside in Utah County you most assuredly have so this post is mostly for my Grandparents.
March 26th began with us covering our cars with some garbage bags & a heavy duct tape job to hold it all together.
We parked at Salem Hills High School & took the shuttle there.
we were having a good time,
on the other side of the spectrum these two were starting to wonder why they wanted to come,
we met up with Aubrie & Josh,
 there were so many people there,
hippie people--
the kind of people who sing all about love, everyone is a unique individual, & more love,
Heather's "I WANT TO GO HOME NOW!!!!" face.
 Turns out we had seemingly yet unknowingly showed up to the Salem Witch Trials,
people cheered as this man-made witch burned,
 when the time came for the color tossing I was amazed by how for at least 10 seconds you are surrounded by a tent of color & you can't breathe...
 By this point Heath & Kimball just wanted to kill themselves,
so we decided to take them home.
However, at least half of the crew had a good time...
When we arrived home looking like this it's no wonder we scared all the neighbor children.
Watch this video to see more of what the Color Festival is all about:

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