Sunday, April 17, 2011

Domestic Thursday

This past Thursday while Mom & Rachel were Alpine School District Spring Breaking, they came down to the 84627 to visit me!
 While my Mom & I went to Aerobics class, Klayton was so nice & took Rachel on the date of a lifetime.
 He showed her all the Snow College hot-spots,
 Aub was kind enough to join the party & she even let Rachel sign the Publicity wall under my name,

 How cute are they?!
 family pictures ensued, 
& Klayton took Rachel to historic Pollie's Candy & Ice Cream shoppe to finish off their date.
 My Mom is so cute & told me to invite all my friends over for domestic night.
 So naturally I invited my closest 14 girls.
 My mom taught us how to make these cute flowers & we snacked on delicious Easter treats, pink lemonade & ice cream sundaes & all the while Tangled played in the background.
 As the credits for Tangled began to roll, Rachel insisted that a dance party begin & all the remaining guests who had finished their hair flowers were required to participate.
 I love these two so much,
 & i loved having them come & even sleep over in my bed!
(I took a picture of them but my Mom promptly deleted it behind my back.)
The 1st annual domestic night was a wild success & I love my Mom & Rache so much for humoring me & coming down to hang out.
Aren't they the world's greatest?


  1. looks like a fun time, love the Jaws picture :)

  2. Oh Ash. Thanks for inviting us down. That was a good time. Love You!!!!

  3. Love that!!! You guys are so great!