Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Bowling with Bob

"It's a highly social experience"
"Out down back swing"
"Positive attitude, Positive results."
If you go to Snow College, Bowling with Bob is a must-take.
Bob Trythall can surely be heard repeatedly saying one of the above phrases.
If  I were to pick Snow College parents, Bob would be my #1 choice for Dad.
I just love him. He truly cares about the students & has great life advice.
As part of the class, you are put into teams to compete for hamburgers.
Earlier in the semester, my first bowling team beat out all the rest & won the highly acclaimed & coveted title of champions & our reward were burgers.
Victory never tasted so good.
Bob our life & bowling coach & teammate Kelsey
Today, I got a whopping score of 199 & was the top female bowler in the class.
This isn't normal.
Talk about best day of my life.
My right eye watered--that's how happy I was.
It would seem miracles are still rampant & prevalent here in the 84627.

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