Sunday, April 3, 2011

1st Day of Spring & Dad's Birth

Who doesn't love the first day of Spring?
New outfits & warm weather is always so refreshing.
On March 27th, we celebrated Master P's Birthday.
This year I really outdid myself because I gave him everything free thing I could round up from Snow College:
(including but certainly not limited to:)
-publicity committee shirt
-huge, signed poster of yours truly
-water bottle
-4 Snow College pencils
-SC mug
-6 Student Life Chapsticks
-Rowdy Crowd noise maker
-Badger Pride Hat
Nothing says I love you quite like a bunch of  free crap.
So, you're welcome Dad.
We love this big guy!!!
Traditional candle blowing commenced since Dad doesn't eat sugar...
I love my Dad so much & I am so grateful for the love & support he gives me each & every day.

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