Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Party in the 85937 with the Farrs

While in Arizona, we relaxed & mostly just had fun.
On Saturday morn, Heather needed a haircut.
So, naturally, we all came along.
Meet Matthew, Heather's gay hairdresser.
He buys nice jeans, is turning 30 soon, & according to the
Farr family is unlike anyone else when it comes to haircuts.
I decided to just take their word for it.
On Sunday, we attended Church,
& helped celebrate Gram's 80th Birthday with a delicious meat & treat
crepe bar.
Monday morn began with some early Zumba,
& then we strapped on our rollerblades & headed over to happy hour at Sonic.
Shout out to Cherry Limeade lover's everywhere.
No trip to Snowflake (the 85937) would be complete without a photo shoot.
Heather's cute sister Haylee posed us for all of the following photos.
Half way through the shoot, Klayton decided to call & join in the fun...
Thank goodness Heather was born in this very spot just under 20 years ago,
We wrapped up our vacation with some light games & hilarious 
chit chat with the whole Farr Family.
Honestly, this trip was such a fun 4 days!!
I loved watching the Farr family interact with each other. Each member was so different but the love they had for each other was readily evident. I am so grateful that I was able to meet & move in with them for a few days. They were so generous & I simply didn't want to leave :)

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