Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Night in Paris: If We Ever Meet Again

Last year, I simply attended the dance,
this year the tables turned & I was voted by the rest of council to be in charge of 2011's Spring Ball.
When I discovered what my fate was going to be, I made some smart alack comment about me already paying my dues this year. No one really seemed to see why that should even affect what I am doing now, so  I smacked a smile on my face & exclaimed that I would in fact enjoy (??) being in charge of the night that is quite the tradition here at the college.
Our theme was A Night in Paris: If We Ever Meet Again
I spent 6 hours one Saturday painting giant plywoods for some publicity:
Set up for Spring Ball took 8 hours,

 & it was quite elaborate.
 From the outdoor cafe (pictured above),
to the 24 foot Eiffel Tower replica,
 to painted lit up murals representing France,
 trying to fill up the Blue Gym in the Activity Center for Spring Ball was no small feat.
 But after 8 long hours, we finished set up & I was pleased with how things were looking.
 Saturday came, & I was showering that morning all sorts of scenarios were going through my head.
What if we spent all this time & money only to have nobody showed up?
Or what if the generator went out & therefore we wouldn't have all of the lights working?
What if it started snowing & there would be no carriage rides?
(side note: Thank You to Mckenzie for unknowingly letting me borrow her dress)
 But there was no need to fret because it turned out just wonderfully.
 Everyone seemed to be having a good time,
(Even these 2 crazy cats pictured below)
To everyone's surprise I took the responsibility of taking the microphone from the DJ & announcing Tucker Smith & Jennifer Russell King & Queen of the ball,
All in all it was a wildly successful event. From the elaborate decor, to the food, photo booths, carriage rides, DJ & dancing I think everyone had a good time.
Thanks to everyone especially those on council & my committee who helped make it such a success!
I couldn't have done it without you.

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