Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Killing Me With Kindness

Lately I have felt a resurged feeling of gratitude for the people in my life.
Really, I am so blessed.
I feel like I can't thank my parents, siblings & grandparents enough for all they do to support me while I go to school.
Their selflessness makes me want to serve more.
I would also be incredibly ungrateful if I didn't thank my friends at Snow.
I have the best friends here at Snow.
They are the kind of people that would drop anything to help me.
Let me show you some of the thoughtful gestures as of late:
On January 19th, Caitlyn Jacobson gifted me with this.
I was walking around telling everyone it was my 5/12 birthday, just
to be funny.
& then Caitlyn showed up with this cute cake as a gift for me.
So nice right?
Last Friday I found out I was ADMITTED & therefore will be attending BYU.
My cute roommates took me out to Miller's to celebrate:
aren't they the cutest?
 Then, these two hooligans kidnapped me & tried to take me out dinner, only to find out that I had already eaten.
I kept reassuring them that it is the thought that counts.
 I came home from a date of dinner & Seussical only to find this:
 Aren't these 3 just so thoughtful? 
& these are just a few examples of the kindness that I am constantly surrounded by.
I am so lucky.

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  1. Looks like you have amazing people in your life! Cheers :-)