Sunday, March 20, 2011

Homeward Bound

Our trip began home that Tuesday morning,
with naturally lots of stops along the way.
We stopped first at some local Native American pawn shop,
As we were passing a sign that read: Grand Canyon 30 miles I yelled to Klayton that we simply must take that detour.
We paid $25 to enjoy about 20 minutes of chilly scenery.
But I was sure pleased to see one gent sporting these clogs..
Mama Heather did not find it very funny when I was getting close to the edge of the cliff,
but I daresay our detour was a success, especially since we can all now say that we have been to The Grand Canyon.
Our trip home was taking much too long & we were all getting a tad anxious,
I was playing like Wagon Wheels West
& Klayton gave his best Asian impersonation to ease some tension.
Really though, even though it took us nearly 12 hours to get back to the 84627, I loved this part of the trip just as much as the parts that preceded it.
Klayton & Heather really are two of my greatest friends & I want to road trip with them every day for the rest of my days.

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