Friday, March 11, 2011

Final Destination: Snowflake, AZ

Thank goodness for Presidents Day.
Klayton & I jumped into Heather's car & went home with Heather to Snowflake, AZ.
The above picture is showcasing our 1st minute spirit.
Heather & Klayton were still excited,
& I was getting annoyed...
Klayton took a stab at what he thought was artistic photography,
As part of the car ride Heather & I planned hourly entertainment.
Every hour was a theme. The first hour was founding fathers hour.
Leave it to Klayton to steer away from that & read to us about John Henry.
This trip was all about spontaneity. 
We saw a boutique called "The Cat's Meow" & we just knew we had to stop.
We met Cindy (pictured above) who is battling Cancer. She runs this boutique 
as an outlet to give herself something to do & not feel sorry for herself.
Klayton purchased this little number at the Cat's Meow for a whopping $9.
Steal right?
During the middle of the day the time drew nigh to have Harry Potter hour.
Here we are gathering our wands off the road.
We decided to take another pit stop at Moqui Cave- Home of the Hopi Indians.
Turns out admission is 5 bucks so we just enjoyed taking pictures outside of the 140 million years of Natural History.

This picture screams the phrase:
"Don't feed the Animals."
Have you seen Disney's Cars?
Well in Arizona they have sort of an ode to the historic Route 66.
Part of that were these shady shank Wigwams.
We just had to ask for a tour to see them.
Turns out they were just as tiny & sketchy on the inside as I thought they were going to be.
But still very funny.
This picture makes us look like we just survived the Cold War,
or that Heather is a 12-year-old Deacon.
So while I won't be staying in Wigwam Motel anytime soon it was quite a treat to be able to stop & see within the (should be) closed quarters.
Heather took some pictures of our last minute spirit.
We were more exasperated & anxious to arrive at Heather's home than anything.
A drive that should have taken us only 8 hours took us almost 10.
But hey, where's the adventure in staying on the written path?
Stay tuned for part two of our adventure.

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