Sunday, March 20, 2011

2010-2011 Publicity Committee

It's an age old question: Is human kind naturally good? Or are people inclined to have less than complimentary tendencies? In my Psych 1400 class last semester, we talked a lot about this & debated as to whether human kind is born good or bad.
This year at Snow has solidified for me that people are good.
 I really do feel like I am inadequately being constantly showered with the kindness & offered to partake of the goodness of others.
Meet the 2010-2011 Publicity Committee:
These 12 people represent why I have been able to be successful this year. They come to my weekly boring meetings, complete any assignment I throw at them, are all so much fun to be around, & are such examples to me of being selfless & good to those around you.
They're the world's greatest & I simply can't say {THANK YOU} enough.

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