Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Q & A with Mr. Kimball Harley

Kimball Harley is one fun young man.
He is kind & good, & not to mention laugh out loud funny.
Klayton & Heather both joined me for this unequivocal look into the life & times of Mr. Harley himself.
1. Color?
Kimball: (laughing oddly to himself) Green. (Seconds later) No red. Green. Green. Next question.
2. Fruit?
Kimball: Ummm (biting bottom lip) I like clementines.. The little oranges. I also liked dried mangos. From Costco. But I don’t know if those count. I will just go with clementines. You know what? You should just get a recorder. Then you could be done with this in like 15 minutes. Then you could just listen to this interview and go home. Oh no. You aren’t typing this are you?
3.What is your greatest accomplishment with one of your dates?
Kimball: With one of my dates? Like a girl? Like a guy and girl date? I would say kissing a girl at the end of the night.. That was always a big fear of mine.
4. Mineral?
Kimball: (eyes darting around in confusion.) What the---- (explicit) is a mineral? I am going to go with salt. Is salt a mineral?
5. Song that you would say describes your life?
Kimball: Can I have like two? Temporal and spiritual? I am going to go with I am a child of god. No I don’t like that. I’m going to go with Fool Hearted Memory by George Strait.
6. Book?
Kimball: I like the book Train to Potevka. That’s the most recent book that I have read.
7. What is your favorite Greek city state?
Kimball: Whatever the one’s 300 are from. Sparta. They are pretty bad A.
8. Would you rather have one eyebrow or no eyelashes?
Kimball: No eyelashes. I am not a girl so I don’t think it matters. I think I would look pretty good with no eyelashes actually.
9. If you could be any fictional character, who would you be?
Kimball: Fictional character? Fine. I’m just going to go with Spiderman.
10. What is the creepiest thing you have ever done?
Kimball: I like to think of myself as a non-creepy person so I guess there isn’t one. If I've done anything that is creepy to anyone I am sorry. Could you stick that in the blog?
11. Favorite law to break?
Kimball: (looks up to the sky as though to remember past regressions) I like to speed.
12. Favorite saying?
Kimball: Easy come easy go. However, when I am mad I often use expletives. They are often in a different language sometimes. Actually they are not.
13. If you could witness any event from history what would it be?
Kimball: I would like to be in a cattle drive. In the old west.
14. What do you like most about yourself?
Kimball: I like to think of myself as pretty nice. I like to help people out.
15. Favorite thing about Snow College?
Kimball: Being away from home. I mean I like being on my own. I like proving to myself and parents that I can be on my own.
16. If you could be an international flag, which country would you want to represent and why?
Kimball: America. Oh international? (Expletive) Australia. I want to go to Australia. I want to go there someday.
17. Something most people don’t know about you?
Kimball: (explicit name calling aimed at Klayton) I like to think that I am smart.
18. Tell me about a time when you were very scared
Kimball: One time I went snowmobiling and I climbed this mountain and I turned around and I got really stuck, I was like 14 years old and so I said a prayer. I was able to get out and I wasn’t scared any more.
19. Biggest pet peeve?
Kimball: I don’t know, unneeded drama. Actually, my biggest pet peeve is when people call me Klayton.
20. Who is your favorite roommate, and what is your favorite food that they make?
Kimball: Klayton is my best friend. Usually I am the one who cooks. But I have come to like his grilled cheese and tomato soup.
21. Biggest Accomplishment?
Kimball: I loved winning tournaments in wrestling. When my coach said good job that was a great feeling.
22. Favorite childhood tv show?
Kimball: We didn’t watch a lot of tv when I was a kid. I do remember watching Snowy River and Sandlot with my cousins.
23. What is your least favorite thing about me, Ashley Palmer?
Kimball: When you ask me if I hate you or when you take my best friend away from me.
24. What is your desired vocation?
Kimball: (enlarged eye stare) I want to be an Engineer.
25. If you could have parents other than your own, who would they be?
Kimball: (said in a creepy whisper..) WHAT? On the record, I am happy with the parents I’ve got, but my Grandpa Davies and Grandma. If my parents died I would go to them.
26.  Sum up your life in 1 or 2 words.
Kimball: It’s just who I am. I’m like the breeze.–Cody Robinson
Final Words?
Kimball: I’d like to thank Ashley Palmer and her corporation for being on this interview. I would like to shout out to my friends, & my Mom and Dad. Tell them I say hi. That’s about it. Also anyone who has been an influence in my life.

Kimball Harley. I love this kid. He is always so happy & an example of being outwardly good. I enjoy his spontaneity & our fun adventures. His honesty is refreshing & I consider myself lucky to be numbered among those who get to associate with him.

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  1. Ashley, I hope you know i feel almost famous since I was a creeper at the library when this interview was held.