Monday, January 10, 2011

One Line a Day

THIS is one of my favorite Christmas gifts I received this year.
Thank-you Mr. SC.
I love that there are enough lines to write a couple of things about each day & it's not like other stereotypical journals where I feel like I have to fill up loads of lines in order for my attempt at capturing my day to be worth it.
Plus, isn't it just the cutest book ever?
You should get one too.


  1. so glad you are putting the book to good use. LA LA LOVE YOU!!!

  2. Hi Ashley. My name is Ashley Anderson. I'm a friend of Megan Abel's. She told me that you are an ambassador at Snow. I'm actually applying to do that for the fall. I was wondering if you could put in a good word for me, and/or just give me some advice on how to go about getting the position. That would be much appreciated :)

    Here's my blog:
    Here's my e-mail:

    Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks in advance!