Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Glimpse with Cailey Haynie

Cailey Haynie & I met because of blog stalking.
We loved each other cyber-ly & have had the chance to hang out in real life since then.
I have been wanting to interview her for quite some time.
At our designated meeting/interview time, we were chagrined to find that Yogurt Bliss was closed for New Year's Day.
Who does that?
So we found ourselves at Coney's Custard & Gourmet Dogs.
1. Color?
Cailey: (hands clasped) Obviously, purple.
2. Food?
Cailey: Is Costa Vida considered a food? Well then, Costa Vida it is. I am kind of picky, but also I am kind of weird. For example, I like Tuna fish & pickles & grilled cheese with Peanut Butter & Jelly.
3. If you had to choose parents other than your own, who would they be?
Cailey: (said without a shadow of a doubt) Sandra Bullock, without question. Do I have to have a Dad? I guess I would grow up really weird & pregnant without a Dad so... (smacks table) Clark Kent it is!
4. Song that describes your life?
Cailey: "I Wanna Marry My Stalker." And yes that is a real song. I would sing it for you right now...
5. Two snacks you could eat everyday?
Cailey: Reese's, Baked Lays & Dr. Pepper--aww that's three...dang it. Alright Lays & Dr. Pepper.
6. Favorite childhood memory?
Cailey: Oh! My 3rd Birthday my brother gave me rocks! I mean I don't really remember it, but I have seen it on video. The thing is I only remember the bad things, like when little neighbor kids would leave me out & not play with me. Apparently that still holds to me...
7. If you were trapped in a TV show for a month, what would you want it to be?
Cailey: A tie between The Office & Gilmore Girls or Psych. Such a hard question. Gillmore Girls or Psych. Final answer. I secretly want to date Sean.
8. Why do you blog?
Cailey: I blog for me. Thank you television ad. I blog because it's fun. I like looking back on things & to remember. I find it fun & therapeutic. (at this point Cailey proceeds to play footsie with me, until she realizes her mistake & pulls her foot far away from me, well as far as the table will let her.)
9. Biggest Accomplishment?
Cailey: Once when I was 5 I climbed Mt. Everest. Kidding. I have been fretting about this question all day. I knew you were going to ask it! Alright, once I typed 97 words per minute. Pretty impressive. It went on the fridge. Note: Big #!
10. New Years Resolution?
Cailey: I was talking with my parents about this very thing today. I am perfect & therefore do not need any resolutions. Alright, I'll go for the obvious one. Get healthier, yep I am jumping on that bandwagon.
At this point, we were interrupted by the following group of people
over yonder. Small family reunion or something.
Carry on.
11. Would you rather have one eyebrow or no eyelashes?
Cailey: 1st I wondered, is there another option, like do I need a pinky or a liver? I mean appendix, not liver. Why do I need an appendix? Fine ok. No eyelashes. Because I could get fake blue ones. Because think about it, eyebrows never will grow back the same.
12. Favorite clothing item?
Cailey: I thought you were going to ask this. I am practically Raven right now. I like t-shirts, sports bras & occasionally pants.
13. Favorite scripture?
Cailey: Alma 41:10. Wickedness never was happiness. I know this to be true. I say these things...
14. Worst sickness?
Cailey: I have kidney disease. Although it doesn't really affect me, so I often forget I have it. They could stop any moment, but I mean I guess your kidney's could too.
15. Wildest dream?
Cailey: I have so many. Hmmm I secretly want to be a Dallas Cowboy's cheerleader. TVO all of them religiously.
16. Pet peeve?
Cailey: I knew this was coming. I hate when my finger nail polish chips. I will honestly just remove it if even one nail chips. Doesn't even matter if I painted them the night before.
17. Favorite book?
Cailey: Hearts in Hiding. It was the book that got me into reading.
18. Favorite celebrity?
Cailey: Sandra Bullock, hands down. Don't have to even think about it. While You Were Sleeping is my favorite. Could watch that one for the rest of my life.
19. Something that most people don't know about you?
Cailey: This question always baffles me. I am very open. I really love funny pajamas. I should be embarrassed, but I am not.
20. Worst memory?
Cailey: Hard. Very hard. When I had to drop off my brother on his mission & then go straight to girls camp. Told the girls not to talk to me for a week. Rough, very rough.
21. What would you do if you were given a spare $100?
Cailey: I would buy a ridiculous amount of young & reckless t-shirts or 2 sweatshirts, maybe?
22. Favorite saying?
Cailey: I knew this was going to come. Man, I am a creep. Alright, well last night I was searching through my journal & it said: "Sometimes you just gotta act like Peter Pan." I thought that was clever. Good thing I read my journal last night.
23. Favorite vacation spot?
Cailey: Mexico. Because it's the only place I have ever really vacationed.
24. What do you hoped to have accomplished by the time you are 80 years old?
Cailey: I hope to be married at least 7 times. Kids. I want those. Really, I just want to be married in the temple & have kids that I have raised well, & of course grand kids that I can spoil.
25. Nicest thing someone has done for you?
Cailey: (scrunches nose) One time my sister was throwing a New Year's Party & she wouldn't let me come. So then my other sister let me hang out with her at her boyfriend's house & we made Rice Krispy treats. I haven't ever forgotten that.
26. Final Words?
Cailey: I'm so glad to have one of my life goals fulfilled, being apart of this interview. I can die happy. I am also happy to be here at Coney's Frozen Custard & Gourmet Dogs. Can I say more? Also, this table is very squishy. I really hope one day I can play in the sewers with you, Ashley. Alright. I am done.
Isn't she just laugh out loud funny? I love Cailey. Really. I am so glad we have met & become acquainted. I feel she is so relatable & a complete joy to be around. I wish we could hang out more & talk about our mutual "friends." Cailey, get on down to Ephraim.


  1. For real Cailey. Come. We need to get our Bieber and Ke$ha on.

  2. haha ashley, I said footie pajamas. Not funny pajamas. Oh how I loved this date of ours