Friday, December 31, 2010

Year in Review.

Well hello.
365 days later & I bet you are just so sick of me.
It feels good to have completed my goal of blogging every single day in the year of 2010.
(with exception to when I was on vacation.)
Starting tomorrow this blog will have a different look, title, & name.
Posting every single day is excessive & I think I am ready for a change. 
I bet the only people that will miss my daily posts will probably be my Mom & Grandparents in California. :)
Before we ring out the old & ring in the new, feel free to look (or not) at some of my favorite posts from the past 3-6-5.
January 2010
April was a time for bunny huts, I had dinner with the president, I went to masquerades & roller blading, it was Kelsey's birthday, everyday was a battlefield, & I finished up my 2nd semest at Snow College.
May 2010
May brought with it happy farewell(s), played in Moab, went with Rachel to the Bean, had a blast at ULA, became frightened relented to working at DNC, & began to enjoy the summertime.
June 2010
June was loads of fun, with scootering, my family went on a trip of a lifetime, & we continued with tradition.
July 2010
July kicked my butt, ran for freedom, retreated at Snow College, Levi & I met Willy Wonk, I introduced you to this eye charmer, & for the first time I did baptisms here.
August 2010
August surprised me with unexpected visitors, I complained, faced the unexpected, experienced a summertime miraclemoved into the Shadiest of Shanks, had my golden birthday, & got burned.
September 2010
September started off with club rush, falling in love with the creepy Mystic Hot Springs, confessed hatred, felt self conscious, began Tuesday Times, became sad, & enjoyed Karaoke night.
October 2010
October was the busiest because of this, I hugged Tarzan, carved Pumpkins, got dates for class, tried my hand at wallyball, & went to Yuma, Arizona.
November 2010
November was full of dedication, my window was shattered & I ate pizza in the sewer, met Elder Perry, became unhealthy, saw HP7my mom hijacked my blog, & gave thanks.
December 2010
I started December off right by going to this, I fell in love, co-hosted a party, the SBO's had a party, made finger snowmen, CHRISTMAS came, & we played the game of life.

As I look back on this year, I am able to see how much my Heavenly Father has blessed me through experience, the good & bad times, people, & opportunity.
Can't wait to see what 2011 will hold.

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