Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Two Who Raised Me: ShEldon

Meet my parentals.
They are characters these two are.
This one is Shelley:
& the other is Eldon.
Together, their celebrity nickname is Sheldon.
1. Favorite color?
Dad: Blue
2. Favorite restaurant?
Mom: Hmm (gives me a look while she laughs to herself) I guess I will go with, I forget what it is called. They do Soups and Sandwiches. (lightbulb turns on) Ah! Zupas!
3. Favorite calculus equation or rule?
Dad: (gives me a sort of creepy glare.) Mom interjects with "He likes Vectors, the only reason I know that is from Despicable Me." (Mom & Dad share a candid laugh) Intermediate Value Therom.
Amidst the interview
4. Favorite book?
Mom: Hunger Games Book 1.
5. Favorite food?
Dad: Chicken Enchilada.
6. What is your favorite childhood memory?
Mom: Christmas
7. What all were you involved in during High school?
Dad: A Capella Choir, Cross Country, & Baseball.
8. Two everyday things you wouldn't want to live without?
Mom: Indoor plumbing & Electricity
9. What is one thing you wish you would have known during your College days?
Dad: Spring & Summer term is a good time to get classes done.
10. Event from History you would most like to witness?
Mom: Jesus visiting the Nephites.
11. Biggest accomplishment?
Dad: (gets wide eyed while chomping on his carrot) Graduating from College.
12. Who is one person you would like to invite to dinner?
Mom: Thomas S. Monson
13. Who is your biggest hero?
Dad: Dad.
4th of July 2008
14. What is your biggest fear?
Mom: (lowering of the eyebrows as though to signify she is confused) Snakes & Rodents.
15. Desired super power?
Dad: mmm, Fly.
16. What makes you happy?
Mom: Being with my family.
July family pictures, 2008
17. If you could be any animal, what would you be?
Dad: Moose. They are such a beautiful animal.
18. Biggest pet peeve?
Mom: When people leave things in the garbage disposal & then not running it. It bugs me.
19. New Year's resolution?
Dad: Continue exercising.
20. Favorite season?
Mom: Fall
21. Favorite recess activity?
Dad: Kickball.
Fall family pictures-2008
22. Favorite scripture?
Mom: "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheth me."--Philippians I don't know where.
23. Nicest thing someone has done for you?
Dad: Gave birth to me.
24. Least favorite chore?
Mom: I think dusting. (Rachel says matter of factly "Mom I would love to dust for you!"
25. For Both, One eyebrow or no eyelashes?
Dad: no eyelashes
Mom: no eyelashes
26. Advice for me?
Dad: Keep smiling.
Mom: Keep the commandments & be kind.
Final Words?
High School Graduation-May 2009
Dad: (smiles) Summer. North Dakota. Running.
Mom: It was a pleasure Ashley.
Spring Break 09 @ Disney Land
I love my parents so much. They are my hero's & I am forever indebted to them for the way they raised me to be a kind & caring individual through their examples. I am always so happy to come home & hang out with them. They are my best friends & I am grateful that they teach & allow me to dream big.

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