Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Season's Greetings with Mr. Jordan Tilley

Jordan Tilley is a complete delight. He is the newly appointed Academics VP & we cannot wait to see what interesting flavor he brings to our team. One of the thriving heart throbs here on Snow College's campus, he is surely one to make you smile & enjoy a hearty laugh with.
(This interview was conducted in our own Karen H. Huntsman library-- 2nd Floor. Aubrie was kind enough to come along & take a thrillion pictures along with taking some hearty notes.)
1. Color?
Jordan: Aahhh Red
2. Two Everyday things you can’t live without?
Jordan: My glasses of course and (heavy repetitive breathing, reflective laughter) My sister Aubrie.
3. Favorite TV Show?
Jordan: I don’t watch TV! My favorites are Prison Break, Heros, Lost. My how times have changed.
4. Favorite Book?
Jordan: How to Win Friends and Influence People. Cross that out. My favorite book is The Book of Mormon. Let’s keep this interesting.
5. Favorite Christmas Song?
Jordan: Hark the Herald Angels Song. I said sing. Sing. Sing. I said Sing.
6. Favorite Vacation Spot?
Jordan: Lake Powell
7. Two people you can’t live without?
Jordan: Earlier you said things and I said Aubrie. You can cross that out. I guess Aubrie is a thing and not a person. My Mother and Jesus.
8. Biggest Accomplishment?
Jordan: Beat Guitar Hero II on expert. That’s an accomplishment right?
9. What is your most prized possession?
Jordan: (Clenching of fists, with a deep inhale and release.) My computer. I built it. I made it with my own hands. Just like a parent with their child would be their most prized possession. When you create something or give birth to it there is an automatic connection formed.
10. Best sport?
Jordan: Water Polo. We’ll stick with that one. Go sharks.
11. Favorite scripture?
Jordan: Scripture of the day. It’s hard to just pick one. I’m sorry, how about...laughing...Matthew 11: The last three verses. After much consideration that is my final answer.
12. What would make your life easier?
Jordan: Some invention, a hair doer invention. Machine. Contraption. Something that would do my hair in 15 seconds. I would walk in under it, it would do it’s thing on my head, and then you walk out and it solves the problem of bad hair days. Saves you a lot of time.
13. If you could witness any event from history what would it be?
Jordan: The Gettysburg Address in 1847– Don’t quote me on that. Given by Abraham Lincoln after the battle of... Gettysburg? Four score and seven years ago (continues to quote until swindled into stopping.)
14. Desired Super power?
Jordan: The ability to intercourse with animals. Whoa not intercourse!!! Stop. Let’s define intercourse. Intercourse is having dealings or communications with other parties, bodies or things. Therefore when I said intercourse I meant only the ablilty to converse with animals.
15. Favorite Snack?
Jordan: Green eggs and ham. No I won’t eat that. Not in a box. With a fox.
16. Favorite greeting:
Jordan: Hallo! (Sort of in a nerdy, country drawl.)
17. Moment that changed your life?
Jordan: (Philosophical grasp to brow.) When I saw Joe Dirt the film. It changed my life. The principles within this film changed my life...
 18. Favorite thing about Snow College?
Jordan: The intermural program. It is a medium where students can express themselves in a happy way.
19. Would you rather have one eyebrow or no eyelashes?
Jordan: No eyelashes. Always do things symmetrical.
20. Favorite saying?
Jordan: Life is a garden. Dig it.
21. Most embarrassing moment?
Jordan: So there’s this one time at the store with my Mom I had to go get her feminine products and I had to carry them around and it was one of those trips were you see everyone that you know and I had to converse with neighbors, friends and acquaintances while holding Playtex Pearls– Super.
22. What is something that most people don’t know about you?
Jordan: I wear my heart on my sleeve. Open book. I’m available for check out. Outdoor soccer intermural champion. Don’t put that.
23. If you could have one ultimate wish, what would you wish for?
Jordan: That it would snow on Christmas. A white Christmas.
24. How do you feel about being the newest SBO?
Jordan: I’m excited. To be with Ashley R. Palmer, Aubrie Dawn Tilley, Camrie George, and Tucker Smith. And especially Alex Stoddard. I love puns. I am nervous about working with my sister and using her dominant personality to influence my thoughts and use me as a pawn in her political agenda. Just kidding Don’t write that. Dang it. Dang.
25. Least favorite chore?
Jordan: Mopping the floor. (Unintentional rhyme)
26. Best thing someone has ever done for you?
Jordan: (Thoughtful contemplation.)I think some of the nicest things someone has does for me are just the simple things like just saying hello.
Final words:
Jordan: Final words, (nasal snort with philosophical grasp for the 53rd time) The unexamined life is not worth living. -Socrates. Give him the credit.

Isn't Jordan just a hoot? Love him. This guy is just the greatest, & I am elated that we will become better friends via being on Student Government together.

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