Thursday, December 30, 2010

Reacquainting & Reminiscing with Old Acquaintances

You know those people you have been friends with since before exiting the womb?
That is Nikelle Bezzant, Julia Williams & I.
The 3 of us grew up in the GC 6th Ward wherein we enjoyed more often than not terrorizing the various congregation members.
This leaves us with lots of room & space to talk about the good times & laugh about the bad ones.
Julia planned our whole reunion at what just happens to be my favorite place--Cafe Rio.
I don't think I have smiled, laughed or cried so much in a long time.
I think we could reminisce for a solid 36 hours if we wanted, but we limited ourselves to a mere couple of hours.
Nothing a mega zoom in won't fix.
 Thanks for the fun times & laughs girls!

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