Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Questions with the Sibs

The time has come to introduce you to the 4 children who help make me so excited to come home. My siblings teach me what love is really all about. They would do anything for me & I am so excited to be home & share this special time of year with them.
As a background: Mckay is 16. Spencer is 12, I mean 14. Wade is 10 & Rachel is 7.
First day of Spring, 2009.
1. Color?
Mckay: Blue
2. Food?
Spencer: Blue... Oh definitely hamburgers, steak, shrimp...
3. Movie?
Wade: Despicable Me.
4. TV show?
Rachel: Arthur
5. If you could invite anyone to dinner who would it be?
Mckay: That's a tough one. Well, I don't know. I would invite the World's Greatest Pizza Chef.
6. Would you rather have one eyebrow shaved, or no eyelashes?
Spencer: Definitely lose an eyebrow. If I didn't have my freakishly long eyelashes I wouldn't be able to put my contacts in.
7. Desired super power?
Wade: Ummm the power of flight.
8. Favorite snack?
Rachel: Grapes.
9. Favorite thing about being a sophomore at PGHS?
Mckay: (smacking teeth in sort of a disgruntling noise...) An hour long lunch.
right at the beginning of the interview.
10. What are you afraid of?
Spencer: Definitely strangers and people with beards. I'm looking at you Gary Daynes. Oh and Tattoos.
11. What would you do with $100?
Wade: First I would take the family out to dinner, and I would then I would buy a remote control helicopter. I like the way that money was spent. Well spent money I would say.
12. What is your favorite infomercial product?
Rachel: Pillow Pets.
13. Secret Christmas wish?
Mckay: That it snows 2 feet on Christmas Eve night.
14. What song would you say describes your life?
Spencer: Fire. I like fire. Scratch that. Never Say Never by The Fray. Fine. Ok.
15. If you could be any animal which would you be and why?
Wade: I know! I would most definitely be the White Tropic Bird. Because it is speedy, agile, waterproof feathers, and beats up birds three times bigger.
Valentines Day, 2008.

16. Worst memory?

Rachel: When I fell in the mud at school. I was running after Aspen and then I fell in the mud. I had to go to the office and call my Mom and get go home and get new clothes.
17. What makes you laugh?
Mckay: Dunking Ashley in the water.
18. Who is your hero?
Spencer: Probably my parents.
19. If you could meet anyone from past or present, who would it be?
Wade: I would meet Jesus.
20. Favorite time of the year?
Rachel: Probably, what is it called? Oh, Christmas.
21. What is your favorite saying?
Mckay: Are you drinking Iodine?
22. What do you want to be when you grow up?
Spencer: I definitely want to be a doctor aka dentist. I don't want to be a surgeon. I would probably kill somebody. My hands aren't that steady. Or an engineer. (grabs nose as though to think provocatively) Or something like a mechanic. Or an artist. Lots of fields are open to me.
23. What is your biggest pet peeve?
Wade: Pink piggy shirts. Sometimes Spencer's attitude.
Spring Break 2009
24. What is your least favorite chore?
Rachel: Well vacuuming the hall and bedroom. Well like my bedroom.
25. For all of you: What is your favorite Christmas song?
Mckay: pass. Santa Claus is Coming to Town.
Spencer: Oh that's hard. Frosty the Snowman.
Wade: Angel's We Have Heard on High (proceeds to sing the first verse in it's entirety.)
Rachel: I saw Mama Kissing Santa Claus
26. The nicest thing that someone has done for you?
Mckay: There’s just so many you know?
Spencer: When Santa brings me Pumpkin bread instead of pumpkin pie.
Wade: Mom buys me a chicken from Costco. (creepy laughter ensues.)
Rachel: Mom bought me Princess Diaries 2.
Final Words?
Mckay: Merry Christmas!
Spencer: I would like to say that I have a great attitude. I would like to clear the air about that. Hem hem Wade.
Wade: I would also like to say that Spencer is lying when he says that. Because sometimes he has spasm attacks wherein he attacks me.
Rachel: Oh and to go with Mckay’s... And a Happy New Year.

Oh my. I just love these 4 way too much. I am so glad I get to be a forever family with them. They make me happy & want to be better. I am so lucky to be their older sister.

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