Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Game of Life.

Yesterday was quite the escapade.
But let me back up.
Tucker Smith does this thing he likes to call "The Game of Life"
No, not just the board game.
Here's what it is.
A group of students plans an activity for a certain day and time. You tell as many people as you want about it until a certain date. After the said date you are no longer allowed to talk about the activity. It is practically forbidden. And then you see how many people remember and show up to the activity.

This time the activity was bring your Grandparent to Chuckarama on December 28th at 5pm in Salt Lake.
It was so fun.
Klayton & I grabbed our grandparents, drove the FIT, & met up with everyone else for hours of dining & fun conversation.
Klayton & Grandpa Tom.
My Grandpa Mack Palmer & I waiting for the rest of the
crew to show up.
Here we all are enjoying the fine dining Chuckarama has to offer.
Sarah, Grandpa Ted, & Aubrie
Just about everyone smiling for our waitress.
The Snow College attendees.
 who doesn't love candid chatting shots?
High fives & funny faces all around.
What a fun evening. I feel like I can't say enough good things about it. What a fun time to get to meet & mingle with everyone's grandparents & enjoy time all together.
This Game of Life=wild success.
I say we get all these kids together more often.

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