Saturday, December 11, 2010

Badger Blue Bikes

For our leadership class, (that as part of council we are required to take) we had to participate in a 50 hour service project. (10 hours per person)
Now I know what you are thinking, that isn't that bad.
But honestly when it's only a 2 credit class & you are giving service to the School day in & day out let me be blunt, it does sort of suck.
Well Katie (who's in my group) is a go-getter. I admire & love this girl.
She decided that we should start a program at Snow College similar to USU's Aggie Blue Bike Program.
What did we do?
We procrastinated.
So on top of everything other thing heaping on our plates, we were scrambling to get our required 10 hours in each.
We have been cleaning the shed, fixing bikes, doing paperwork out our ear lobes.
The program is scheduled to begin full production in Fall of 2011.
In all honesty, I'm just glad I got my 10 hours in. Good riddance it's over.

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