Thursday, November 4, 2010

White Trash

When I see things like this driving around on America's roads, I usually think rude things about the drivers of these cars.
Plastic over windows is just not what I call classy, & I would always comment on how it's just plain white trash.
But karma has a funny way of turning around & feeding you a hefty piece of humble pie to put your mouth in its place.
Tomorrow, as I drive home to Utah County so that the FIT can go to it's window repair appointment, I will be one of those drivers, sort of looking like a white trash street rat.
If you happen to see me on the freeway or on the roads of the PG/AF area, feel free to honk at the trashiness.
The only redeeming quality is that I will only be driving a max of an hour & a half with this plasto bag on.
Oh who am I kidding.
Two days ago I was a sewer rat, tomorrow I will be a street rat.
Folks, it would seem I am on a roll.


  1. I like that. From Rachel

  2. I feel good about you coming to PG. maybe we can go on a friend date?