Thursday, November 11, 2010

Where do I go from here?

It seems like just yesterday was the date August 15, 2009.
I arrived in Ephraim at an early hour that morn to get a good room within my first apartment.
Snow Gardens Building A apartment 8.
My whole family dropped me off (minus Big-S), my Mom cried, & I didn't. (typical)
I really do love it here.
And now, I already have to decide where I am going to transfer to & get applying.
The two schools I am debating between are Utah State University (more commonly known as USU) & then of course Brigham Young University which is often referred to as BYU.

Each has it's pros & cons.

USU pros:
perhaps a leadership scholarship (?), similar feeling to Snow College (or so I am told), still live away from Home, involvement on campus, lots of friends from Snow are transferring there, good programs.
USU cons:
farther away from home, freezing cold weath,

BYU pros:
fam would love me to attend, dreamed of going there when I was a small lass, closer to home, great programs, fun atmosphere, friends currently attend.
BYU cons: 
cost, no scholarship, something about it scares me.

So kids, where should I go?

(PS Today is 11/11 so make a good wish tonight at 11:11. I realize the ultimate wishing grounds will be next year on 11/11/11 but a little hearty practice never hurt anyone, right?)


  1. Is it any surprise that my vote is for the Y? I love it here and I know that you would too. Yet, the leadership opportunities at USU are very tempting. But remember how they chose Josh Daniels as their PG rep ambassador over me and Shaunzi? They narrowed it down to the three of us, we all made the two hour trip to spend a day interviewing and they ended up picking Josh. Don't get me wrong, I love Josh. I'm just self-righteous and thought myself a better fit for the position. Oh well, I'm ultimately much happier here at BYU than I would have been at Utah State. Plus I'm not comparative to you in leadership abilities and qualities. I don't think the decision will be tough if Ashley Palmer is in the running.

  2. Ashley I've thought this over for quite a while now and if you were to go to the U of U I would still let you come home and visit me a couple times a year. But if you went to BYU I would love you like the sister you really are.

    Big S