Saturday, November 6, 2010


This morning I woke up with quite the start.
Time: 5:57.
I was supposed to have awoken an hour ago.
My alarm had been going off for an hour & I hadn't heard it.
Good job Ash.
Council people would be at the Pleasant Grove exit in 10 minutes to pick me up to go to Logan.
I ran around like a beheaded chicken gathering bits & pieces of clothing & make-up items.
Mom dropped me off at the exit after 7 minutes of getting ready time.
I was looking good.
The beddiest of  heads & no face (make-up) put on.
Plus I forgot to wear my rings, so I felt naked.
In short- I was going to be the cutest girl at TLC. (and no I am not inferring that I was on What Not to Wear)
TLC is a leadership conference for those thinking about transferring to USU & trying out for a leadership scholarship.
Erika & I just happy to be at USU alive after almost being hit due to jay-walking.
There were 19 of us (SBO's & Ambassadors) from Snow College who attended TLC. It was a lot of fun getting to know people on the Ambassador team that I didn't know as well.
Aub & I were put in the same group for once & we realized it was because Tucker wasn't there.
(Tucker has this wrongo bongo idea that Aub & I never get anything done when we are together so he always just happens to put us in different groups for any sort of leadership thing.)
We posed for this picture so we could prove that when put together, good things do happen!
Anywho, TLC was a long, jam packed fun day.
I was inspired to become a better leader once more.
& maybe, just maybe I really will end up at USU.
We'll see.

P.S. Last night, I met the fabulous Cailey Haynie. May I just say that this girl is as comical in real life as she is on her blog? While enjoying Yogurt Bliss & sitting at a tall table with awkward height chairs, we talked as though we were old friends, rather than new ones. We laughed about ______*, &______ *, & schemed about winning David's love for hours. I cannot wait until I meet & play with this girl again. Maybe I shall make some sort of paper chain until then?

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